4 Healthy Eating Steps To Better Health

Healthy eating can lead the way to better health. Compared to ten or twenty years ago, we people in Singapore are living better and there are more supply and choices of food than many parts of the world. Yet, many people in Singapore, both young and old alike, are not getting healthier. Although more money may be spent on health, most of the spending is going towards easing the symptoms that result from eating too much of unhealthy foods and putting their bodies to excessive stress.

If we really want to improve our individual or collective physical conditions, we must first realize our lifestyles can affect our health. The good news is that lifestyle can be improved and making healthy food choices is an important facet of lifestyle change for the better. To eat your way to better health, you just need to give your body a chance by providing it the type of foods that works best for it.

4 Steps to Healthy Eating Everyday
There are basically 4 easy steps as follows:

1. Increase the amount of cooked vegetables and fruits you eat everyday.

2. Reduce the amount of meats, poultry and other high protein foods you eat everyday.

3. Eat at least one serving of raw vegetables and fruits everyday.

4. Reduce the amount of sugar, salt, processed foods, coffee, alcoholic and cola drinks everyday.

These steps serve as the basic guidelines as each of us have our own eating patterns. How fast you can make the change will depend on your own health level, your motivations and what is your current eating habits. If your daily meals already include fresh vegetables and fruits, it will be faster and easier for you to make the transition. However, if your daily meals include mainly meats and processed foods, you may need an extended period for your body to make the adjustment to healthy eating.

It is important to remember that besides feeding our bodies, we eat to satisfy different needs. Some people eat to relieve stress, others eat to satisfy their social obligations. The key is regardless of what your need for eating is, you need to cater less to your taste buds and more to your body’s needs. Getting started in healthy eating may be difficult for some, so it is important to monitor how you feel as you make your change to healthful foods. If you start to feel bad and experience fatigue or headaches, you may be changing too fast and you need to slow down a little. Remember healthy eating habits takes time to cultivate but the rewards will make it all worthwhile.